What does being a strong woman mean to you?

To me, a strong woman is someone that is living out their calling in life, whatever it may be, with fierce passion, focused intensity and confidence in whom they were created to be. It is always so inspiring to me to meet other women who are doing cool things and making a difference in this world. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Britt Nicole, a talented singer/songwriter who is making big waves. She has a new song coming out that talks about being the change in the world. That together, you and I can be the change. This message resonates so strongly with me because that is a burning passion in my heart. I want my life to count for something. I want to leave a legacy on this earth of change. A legacy of fighting hard for what is right, not falling for things that are wrong and standing for what I believe in.

My prayer is that this Strong Woman Collection will be the change in the hearts of many women across the nation. As women, we wear a lot of hats and carry a lot of burdens. For me, being a strong woman is hard because of the battle scars on my heart, the expectations the world puts on me and the ones I put on myself. We all have different crosses to bear and mine is infertility. It's left battle wounds that I love to patch up real nicely, but deep down they are still there. Can you relate? It's so easy to give into the social media crazy society we live in today that demands perfection. The perfect, unattainable, picture perfect life. But that's not what being a strong woman means to me. Being strong is letting your guard down and allowing others to come alongside you in your struggles. It means embracing the crosses that God has given us and using them to make a difference. To be the change in this world. I am strong because of my scars. You see, we are made to overcome. God didn't promise He wouldn't give us more than we can handle, but he does promise that no matter what we face, He will be there to carry us through.

As we celebrate the launch of a collection we are all so passionate about, I can't help but reflect on what makes me strong. Will you join me? I want to hear your stories of love, loss, trials, fears, etc. What makes you strong? Share it, tag it, comment it, email it (@scarletandgoldshop, #SheWasBeautiful, info@scarletandgoldshop.com).

Together, let's be the change and that starts by encouraging each other. I am counting on you to help us share this message that celebrates strong, beautiful women.

Lots of love,

Megan Smalley

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