DIY: Wall Garlands

Hi friends!! We are so excited to share TWO new DIYs with you this month. We hope this inspires & challenges you to do something a little creative that will brighten up your home or office.

Lots of love,

The S&G Team

Tissue Garland

Supplies - Scissors, washi tape, tissue paper & string

  1. Fold each individual sheet of tissue paper in half lengthwise, and then cut in half
  2. Cut about ½” to ¾” strips towards the top of the tissue paper fold leaving about an inch at the top. You can eyeball the strips. They don’t have to be perfectly even
  3. Once your finished cutting, unfold the tissue paper and open it all the way
  4. Roll the tissue paper keeping middle crease tight. If your fringes are tangling, roll slower and separate as you go
  5. When the tissue paper is all the way rolled, fold it in half then twist. If you want, you can secure the twist with washi tape
  6. End by stringing them up with your choice of yarn or craft string


Macramé Yarn Garland

Supplies - Scissors, washi tape, different color yarn




  1. Select 4-6 different yarn colors
  2. Cut a base yarn. This is the piece you will tie all the yarn to. Usually it’s the color of the yarn you are going to start off with. It can be anywhere from 6’- 8’ long
  3. Then cut 6 – 10 pieces from each color yarn that are between 3’-5’ long
  4. Longer is better because you can always cut the length after you finish
  5. Hang your base up on either a wall or table and begin tying your yarn on about 2” apart. Keep each color together.
  6. I did double knots because the single knots were slipping
  7. On the second row skip the first strand of yarn
  8. Try and keep the spacing even through out
  9. Continue doing this all the way down for about 4 – 6 rows
  10.  Then hang it up!

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