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Happy Monday! This week our Director of Wholesale, Allison Dismuke, is talking all things “styling.” Allison styles our apparel in magical ways, and thankfully she is sharing with us how she does it!  We love supporting our wholesale accounts and other local businesses, which is why we are so excited to collaborate with Therapy, a local boutique. We styled our S&G tops with a few of Therapy’s best-sellers! You can find them online here.

 Where do you find your inspiration for styling?

I find my inspiration for styling through different platforms. ­Since we are a generation all about Instagram and blogging, those are my go-tos for styling tips. I sincerely love Courtney Kerr and how she remains so classy with every trend that comes up so I'm an avid reader of her blog "KERRently." I wish I could say that I pick up magazines when I’m in line at the Publix check-out counter butttttt everything is virtual now so I just scroll through Pinterest and Insta to see what’s “in.” I also follow many local clothing boutique accounts on social media (shout-out to the girls at Therapy for their fabulous trend forecasting skills), and that's how I know what everyone in Auburn is relating to in the fashion world. Lastly, here at S&G we try to base our product designs on seasonal trends so we do TONS of research about 6 months in advance before we decide on final artwork. As silly as it sounds, I Google "trends for Fall 2016" so that I can see what designers incorporated at Fashion Week to know what's to come. I mean, I might get some strange looks if I rocked runway style here in Alabama but it's always an advantage to stay ahead!

Name an item that you can’t style without.

The number one item that I can’t style without is definitely a floral kimono. I know kimonos are “sooooo 2014” but I’m still obsessed with them because they make ANY outfit pop! You can dress up a solid color tee with skinnies, a striped dress, or even a cute little crop top with some high-waisted cut-offs! I’m all about making a statement, and I definitely think that layering is key when it comes to standing out in a crowd. I especially love the kimonos that are ankle-length. With gladiators. And aviators. And a top knot. My husband might tease me for wearing a "robe" in public but I still think it is a genius fashion piece.

Why do you use Therapy’s clothing for your photoshoots?

We use Therapy’s clothing for our photoshoots because they are simply the best around town! Their knowledge of upcoming fashion trends, sense of style, and affordable prices have us swooning over their clothing non-stop… am I right?! We work directly with the ever-so-fabulous McKenzie, and she ALWAYS caters to our needs. I’ll spend an afternoon at Therapy with her a couple of days before a photoshoot, and we will go around the whole store to look for bottoms to style the tees with as well as overlays (cardigans, kimonos, vests, etc). She will then take pictures of ALL of the pieces that we picked out and then pulls them for us the day of the shoot so that the process runs smoothly. I will say that it's extremely difficult to style with all of their clothing because by the end of the shoot I want EVERY SINGLE THING that I styled with! #thestruggleisreal

 How do you choose which model wears which outfit?

This is truly the most difficult part of the photoshoot! Each model looks immaculate in every single tee that we have so it’s hard to choose who wears what. There are a variety of factors that I personally look at when styling the model in a given tee. For instance, if the tee that we are shooting runs a bit short in length then I won’t put a taller model in that one because it would look more like a crop top on her! Hair color and skin tone are also contributing factors. To me, I feel as if a blondes’ luscious locks look AMAZING in reds, corals, blushes, and green. And then you get to the dark side where brunettes can completely rock yellows, whites, navys, and purples. We do like to show a variety of our models in our tees though so that our customers can relate to them! It's wonderful to have such a wide variety of looks for our lookbook because not all women are the same shape and size. I might be biased but every model of ours truly can rep our tees flawlessly (big thanks to our girl Brittney Massey for her hair and makeup tricks)! 

What is your favorite season to style for?

My favorite season to style for is definitely fall! Why you ask? I mean, have you been on Pinterest lately? Oversized cardigans, boots with ruffled boot socks, and felt floppy hats… is there anything better?! There’s just something about the fresh, crisp air and changing leaves that makes me want to dress like a fashion blogger every single day. Since the weather is a bit cooler, it allows for more layering which can add flair to any outfit! I don't know about y'all but half of my wardrobe is black, and that color is totally acceptable to wear towards the end of the year. Put a tassel necklace and a neutral-patterned cardigan over a black tunic... perfection.

Are there any recent trends that you love?

I absolutely love that we are bringing back those good ole’ Saved by the Bell days with the flare denim! I mean… just wait until you see our gorgeous red-headed model with legs for days rockin’ a pair in our Fall Lookbook! Pair them with a dangerously tall wedge and a plain white tee… I die. So simple and fabulous. I am also a sucker for a trendy two-piece set, complete with high-waisted shorts and a structured top. I can’t necessarily get the high-waisted shorts over my 7-month pregnant belly at this time, but you better believe that once gameday season gets here I’ll be going crazy over them again (with knee-high gladiators obviously).

 What is one must-have item that every girl should have in her closet?

The ONE must-have that I recommend every girl have in their closet is definitely a pair of dark skinny jeans. And I’m going to add to that and say that it is totally worth the money to splurge on a designer pair because, trust me, you can tell the difference. There is nothing that I love more than my Joe’s Jeans for the sole purpose of them being “true denim” and stretching out (who likes to be constricted when they’re in jeans?! Not me!). They are a STAPLE piece in my opinion! Dress them down when you're out shopping with your gals by pairing them with flat sandals and a flowy top. But then for a night out pair them with a pair of sky-high wedges and a tighter fitting top. Nothing can come between a girl and her favorite pair of skinnies... can I get an amen on that?

What is a hot color this summer?

The hottest color for the summer (in my opinion) is going to be a slightly blush/rose pink, which is one of my favorites! Have you ever heard that saying “white goes with everything?” Well, blush is just a shade darker than white so that definitely means it goes with everything! Blush + a distressed pair of light denim cut-offs? Ugh, yes please. Speaking of, have you shopped our Blush Marble phone case yet? That accessory will match your outfit AND show that you're on trend! We're girls, we need reassurance from other girls right?!

What is so great about S&G tees?

The greatest thing about our tees is that they are extremely soft and versatile. We pride ourselves on producing products that our customers just can’t get enough of. And, let’s be honest, what girl can pass up a tee that is too comfy to take off?! I also love the fact that you can dress them up or dress them down. For instance, right this second I have our “Wife Life” tee with a pair of denim (maternity) shorts, a kimono, and some ankle gladiator sandals. But for date night tonight, I am spicing things up and pairing it with a midi skirt and wedges. But you know what I can ALSO do with this tee? Throw some spandex leggings on and get my workout on! It's like you're getting 3 tees for the price of 1... hollaaaa! Everything that we produce is original artwork designed in-house so our apparel is going to be different from anything out there in the fashion world. And I don't know about you but I don't want to be caught out wearing the same thing as the girl next to me... (gasp) NIGHTMARE!

 Do you want to know our favorite thing about Therapy? They take care of us and our amazing customers! If you saw something you liked in this post (OR any goodies on their website), be sure to use the code "scarlet20" at check-out to receive 20% OFF your entire order! Oh, what's that? You live locally and want to shop in-store? Just mention the code above to receive your discount at the shop! Now get to shoppin' ladies!

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