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Growing up, I would say I had a pretty easy life. Everything we needed was always provided for us. We never truly wanted for much. Pretty much anything I tried out for, I got. For years, I never experienced loss of any kind. Looking back, I was spoiled rotten. I grew up in a private school surrounded by people who had much more than we did. It was so easy to look around and play the comparison game. To feel like the low end of the totem pole. From the outside looking in, my life looked really good but my heart was so hard. I didn’t know brokenness and I sure didn’t know how to be sensitive to others’ feelings.


The past three years, God has allowed Blake and me to experience brokenness in a whole new way. Walking through the loss of three babies and what often seems like an unending period of waiting, I have learned so much. The Lord has opened my heart and eyes to see others’ suffering like never before. My heart is so burdened for the different paths people are walking that seem so unfair. As I sat on the couch last weekend and remembered that Mother’s Day was right around the corner, my heart broke all over again as I thought about and prayed over all my friends that I knew would struggle on this day. And I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. To use my God given platform to make this day all about grace.


You see, days like Mother’s Day are hard because they seem like a “cool kids only” club. If you don’t have a baby to bounce on your hip or the perfect family photo, you don’t get to be in the club. You don’t get a card. And you don’t get to be celebrated. But friends, that’s not what this day should be about. Tomorrow, I challenge you to step outside of the box and think about the people in your life that don’t wear the hat of a traditional mother. Someone who has lost a child. Someone who is a mother in her heart but hasn’t been blessed with an earthly baby. Someone who is like a mother to so many kids that aren’t her own. Someone who grieves the loss of her own mother. Someone who time and time again has experienced miscarriage and yearns to see the face of her Heavenly babies. Someone who is waiting to bring their baby home but the time hasn’t come yet. I challenge you to find that person in your life and reach out. Include them in this day. Why? Because that is grace. And that is love.


Let’s tear down the walls of this day and break the internet with grace. I hope you wear your tattoos & Give Grace shirts tomorrow proudly. Let it be an outward symbol to the world that you are choosing grace. I challenge you to wear your tattoo to church, to lunch, to the store and anywhere else you choose to go on this day. If you see someone else wearing one, go up to them and give them a hug. Even if it’s a perfect stranger. Step outside of your comfort zone tomorrow to love on those around you. You never know what someone else is struggling with and it’s such a cool opportunity to make a huge impact on someone’s heart.


My vision for this challenge is that we all can learn to become a bit more sensitive to what others are going through. The Lord has really convicted me about social media lately and the things I choose to post. We all need to be more intentional with every single post and ask ourselves (especially tomorrow) – “Is there someone out there that might be hurt by this?” If the answer is yes, I challenge you to choose differently. We all have our own crosses to bear, but we also all have things that someone else is praying for. Together, let’s charge forward in a crusade to put others’ hearts before our own. And let’s come together as a tribe of women with one desire – to change the world with love and grace.


So get your tattoos out and get your posts ready! Make sure to use the hashtag #GiveGrace because we will be reposting your stories all day. If you weren’t able to get your tattoos in time, you can still join us! Here is a link to our Dropbox account with lots of #GiveGrace tattoo images you can use to post tomorrow.


Stay tuned tomorrow as I share some powerful stories on the blog that I hope make you feel less alone on this day. You can also search the hashtag #GiveGrace on Instagram and Facebook to read everyone's stories. I hope they bless your hearts!


I love you all!!


Megan Smalley

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