Staff Spotlight: Caitlin Cole

Have you ever heard anyone say, "choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life?" Well, that is exactly how I feel at Scarlet & Gold. It’s only been a few weeks, but I love my job and the people I work with!

I am a firm believer in laughing a lot, eating oreos and milk with every meal and always always ALWAYS being surrounded by friends and family (and our brand new puppy). I got married a little over two months ago and moved down to Auburn, AL from Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. It was definitely hard leaving my best friends in Birmingham and Atlanta to move to a college town where, let's be honest, there aren't a lot of young married couples. But, Matt and I both knew that this is where the Lord was calling us. The first night we got back to Auburn from the honeymoon (woot woot - best trip EVER) we went to our church, Auburn Community Church, where my husband is the worship pastor. There, my friend Chandler came up to me and asked if I had a job yet. When I told her that I didn't and told her what I was interested in, she suggested I send my resume to possibly work at S&G. I sent in my resume and a little over a month later I was offered my dream position at Scarlet & Gold!

So let me tell you about this dream position... Here at S&G I am the Office Manager and Retail Store Manager. I oversee everything in the retail store and all of the office duties. That may not sound fun and exciting to some of you, but one of my biggest passions is for organization! I know, I know, that's kind of weird, but when things are all organized it makes me so happy and I feel so much more productive!

Working at a Christian company is one of the things I dreamed of when I thought of my first job in Auburn. I have worked in retail since I was 15, so I had experienced many different places and knew I wanted to work somewhere that wanted to make a difference for Jesus and His Kingdom. And that is what is happening here at S&G. And that is what fills me up at work. I work with ladies who all love Jesus. Going after Christ and building His Kingdom is our number one priority. And we all get to do that through different things we love. I absolutely love being surrounded by encouragement and laughter and all things Jesus. Our products convey the message of Jesus and His goodness and His grace. What else could you want for a job?!

Now as a person who loves organization, I have a few must haves at work. There are 5 things I always have with me, and this picture above displays all of them perfectly.

  1. Paper Source Planner - This planner has everything in it. It may look small and simple, but that's the way I like it. I can't fill up my days with too much to where I don't have enough time for family and friends. Also, it matches my notebook and who doesn't love matching??
  2. S'Well Water Bottle - I always have this fun water bottle with me. It always sits on my desk and it always has some sort of lemon or other flavor in it, because let's be honest...who can actually sit and drink plain water all day?! Not this girl!!
  3. Work Out Attire - I am so thankful that Megan allows us to wear comfortable clothes to work in the office! Let's be just get more work done when you are comfy and cozy!
  4. Computer - My computer is the way I stay in contact with the world...without it I couldn't talk to all of are amazing customers and send out our super fun orders!
  5. Sticky Notes and Pens - My sticky notes are my life at work. I get sticky notes on my desk from the girls and put sticky notes on others desk (and my desk) all day every day! AND they are all different colors to keep it all organized...see how I did that there ;)

All of those things are KEY to a successful work day for me! All of those things contribute to my proud moments. Do you want to know my proudest moment to date? It happened within one week of me working here. We have this "ring the bell" thing we do here...we may or may not have gotten the idea from The Internship movie ;) Just one week after I started my job, one of my lovely coworkers rang the bell for me because I was already learning so much. Now, it's not about what people think, but I did feel so proud that I was learning and that was all because of my amazing co-workers teaching me so well!

And that is exactly what I love about working here. I love being a part of such an incredible team who can laugh together, work hard together, and not be afraid to do any job that comes their way. I love being with people who love Jesus and who have a passion for making His name known, not theirs. That is one of the most amazing things in a leader!

That has also contributed to one of my biggest learning lessons here at S&G. I have never worked at a place where it is said, "you will mess up, but we all do and it's okay," or "if you need help with anything, just ask. no one is above any job." I mean, HOW AMAZING IS THAT!? So it has definitely been a learning process for me, but I am loving every second of it!

So, if any of this applies to you or you read any of this and thought, "HEY ME TOO!!" then I have some advice for you...Keep going. Don't stop. That may sound so generic, but it is SO true!! Keep pressing on no matter what. Trust me when I say that no matter what job you have, you can do it well if you choose to! And also, be joyful and thankful.  No matter what the job offer is, no matter what the duties include, everyone has to start somewhere. Don't think that just because a few doors have closed that the Lord won't open the exact one He has for you, because He will. All of us have a mission from our God. We don't always know what that is, but if we continue to walk with Him and look to Him, He will never leave us. He will always bring us peace and happiness, but only if we are in Him. C.S. Lewis says it perfectly, "God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing." So, keep on going. Fall more and more in love with Jesus and His desires will become your desires and He has promised and He WILL fulfill those desires!!

- Caitlin Cole

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  • Anna Williams

    Congrats! I just randomly landed here based on Instagram somehow linking my interests with S&G I suppose. But all that to say, I think we are likely the same person. J/k but really. That sounds amazing and like such a great opportunity. God is so good!

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