Meet the Kidds!

As you all may know, this month we are all about product photography and just how important it is to all brands, including ours! We brought in our photography team Brandon + Kristin Kidd to give us the scoop on their perspective of photo shoot day and the importance of high-quality imagery for brands.

I have admired Brandon & Kristin’s work for a very long time so being able to work with them has been an absolute dream. The best part about them is the kind of people they are. They have quickly become friends and we love partnering with people who have the same mission that we do. 

You know those moments when you feel like your worlds are colliding? Well, having the Kidds in Auburn surround by my team and shooting our Fall collection was one of those moments. I still look back on that day and wish we could relive it over and over.

Let’s get started with a little bit about the Kidd’s!


As a Southern California husband and wife photography team, Brandon and Kristin have been shooting together for over 8 years. They are known for their friendly and warm personalities, their creativity, and their poise and professionalism behind the lens.

From international destinations to celebrity weddings and fashion photography, their artful images reflect a love for natural light and a balance in providing direction to clients while candidly capturing special moments and emotions. Giving glory to God through their work, Brandon and Kristin document the details of people and places with awe and appreciation of His unique creations.

Their images have graced the cover of US Weekly and Zooey Magazine, the pages of People Magazine, Pacific Weddings, and The Knot, and are regularly featured in many of the leading online wedding publications such as Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes, and Once Wed.

When Brandon and Kristin aren’t photographing they are likely to be traveling abroad, enjoying local food and coffee spots, playing with their dog, Millie, or gathering around a table with family and friends.

Now that you have already grown to love them as we have, let’s get into their perspective! Here’s what we found out.

Q: What is each of your roles during photo shoots?

A: Before a photo shoot we sit down with clients to hear their vision for the project and to work on a strategy that would best represent their brand. We put together an inspiration board that fits the direction and story line for the client to make sure we are all on the same page.

During a photo shoot we carry out different roles. Kristin will have built a detailed timeline for each shot needed and is in charge of keeping the day on schedule. She sets up each scene and keeps an eye on every detail- from product placement to perfecting the model’s hair. Brandon is the lead shooter and will orchestrate the framing, composition and overall style of each photo, working with the model to create the client’s vision. 

Q: How would you describe your photography style?

A: Our photography style is light, organic and natural. We love the use of natural light, which helps to keep the images bright, clean and timeless. Specifically, when photographing people we focus on emotion and connection. Our goal is to create moments that are authentic. 

Q: What prep work is involved on the client’s side to make photo shoot day run smoothly?

A: A client’s prep work before a photo shoot varies depending on what and where we are shooting. If we are unable to complete sight and location scouting ourselves (because of the destination of the photo shoot) we ask clients to complete the scout ahead of our arrival. We request photos of lighting throughout different times of day so that we are able to create a preliminary timeline according to the light. Typically we are able to do one final scout on the day of our arrival so that we can we can finalize the details for shoot day.

We also ask clients to prepare a list of products that they would like highlighted and for details on what kind of media the images will be used for. We need to know if we are shooting for a website, magazine cover, social media, blog, etc. so that we can provide images that fit their layout and needs.

We also ask clients to be particular about the models they choose. The models need to have a look that matches the client’s brand and will be able to execute the their vision for the campaign. If the client is willing, we are always available to them to help decide on who would be the best fit.

Most importantly, we ask our clients to trust us. Allowing us to maintain creative freedom and to shoot certain elements as they happen naturally is key to creating artwork that will captive. We inform the art directors that we work with that we will need to take the lead at times, working as a team. And because we have already gained their trust by showing that we understand their vision they agree to not set limitations on us. 

Q: Why do you think spending money on good photography is important?

A: A company wants to display, represent and protect its brand well and photography is one of the largest contributing factors in how your brand is perceived by others. We believe it’s crucial to find a photographer that understands your brand and will be able to translate it through their imagery. Because of how many images people are exposed to in a day, making sure that your brand is easily understood through your images is crucial to standing out, especially if you only have a few seconds worth of scrolling before a consumer moves onto the next photo. People are drawn to good photography and creating something that people relate to will cause it to be remembered as well as engage others to share, like and comment. 

Q: How do you tell each client’s unique story through your photography?

A: We take pride in being able to translate our client’s brand through our images, but to ensure that we do it well we need to do our research. We need to know who the company is, what they represent and who their consumers are. Once we have a better understanding of this we are able create an artistic direction that can best represent the client.

Q: How important is it for a brand to be consistent with it’s photography?

A: The images that a company chooses to publish will be what helps create, maintain and elevate their brand. Consistency is crucial to conveying who you are to consumers and will allow them to know what they can expect from your brand. The more consistent a brand is perceived, the more a consumer will find it reliable and trustworthy.

Q: What advice do you have for a small business with a small budget in regard to photography?

A: It’s important for a company to communicate it’s brand clearly from the start so finding a photographer that will translate the vision for your business into a reality is crucial. We would suggest doing your research to find and interview photographers. Once you find the right fit for your company do your best to make the budget fit around that photographer.

If you don’t have a budget at all, consider finding a photographer that is willing to work through a trade of services.

Q: What are your must-haves on photo shoot day?

A: We always arrive to shoots over-prepared. By the time we get there we have already double checked all of our equipment, charged extra batteries, have backups of our camera bodies and plenty of copies of our timelines to make sure the day stays on track.

As far as equipment, some of our favorite lenses are the Canon 50mm 1.2, 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.2 and then plenty of film for our Contax 645.  

Q: How do you stay energized for the duration of the photo shoot?

A: We love shoot day! By the time it arrives we have already put so much work into the vision that we are excited to finally execute it. We love working as a team, both with each other and with the client and we find it energizing to work with a group of likeminded creatives.

Some coffee, good snacks and plenty of music also helps to get us through!

There you have it! Brandon + Kristin truly are amazing and it has been a joy work with them for our shoots! You can see some their work on our products below.


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