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I am beyond excited to introduce one of my favorite people to you, Leslie Allen. I first met Leslie when my then boyfriend brought me home to Arab, AL for the first time. Being from Houston, Texas - one of the largest cities in America - I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I got there. I will never forget meeting Leslie. She was dating Ross, my husband's lifelong best friend, so we drove to Huntsville to meet up with them. Typically in new settings around people I don't know I am very shy. But Leslie has a gift of making anyone & everyone feel welcome. She made a point to come up and introduce herself to me and she was so genuinley interested in finding out everything about me. Little did I know, this first encounter would lead to such an amazing friendship. I am so thankful that Ross picked such a fun, loving and sweet wife that has truly become one of my best friends. 

Be sure to check back with us for the story behind how this all started. Go follow Leslie on Instagram & Twitter and show her some love. 

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