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New Year’s resolutions are a challenge for me every year. I often find myself setting goals that are completely unrealistic, leaving me feeling like a failure. No matter how disciplined I try to start the year off, I always end up slipping back into the same old habits. Why isn’t it easy to make the changes we want to make? To accomplish the dreams we so desperately want?

For me, I am learning more and more that the answer is because I am not enough on my own. My strength, self-discipline, work ethic, etc is limited to this earthly body that is incapable of doing it all. You see, if we could do it all on our own, we would have no need for God. It’s something about our constant state of dependency that keeps drawing us closer to Him.

So this year, instead of sitting down and writing out a bunch of unrealistic goals that all stem from a place of insecurity, I am choosing to find joy in the imperfections. Yes, I think we should all strive to better ourselves on a daily basis. However, there is beauty in the flaws. He loves us just the way we are and meets us in our places of brokenness, exactly when we need Him most.

2014 was a year of ups and downs for my family. There were so many times of immense joy. But it was also one of the hardest years my husband and I have had. We are in the trenches of our battle with infertility. As hard as the struggle has been, I have found such joy in the sorrow. I know that sounds crazy! But through the heart ache, I have learned to lean on the Lord like never before. To lean on my husband, my family and my friends. The struggle has shed light on areas of my life that I need to grow in. It has given me courage to let go of things that so often brought me down. Through the roller coaster ride of 2014, I have learned so much about myself and for that I am so grateful.

With a new year comes new hope, new joys, new struggles, new relationships and new excitement. I am blown away by all that the Lord has done through this business and I can’t wait to see the work He does this year.

Join me in letting go of perfection and instead chasing fiercely after our Creator that yearns desperately for our hearts. During #InspireMeMonday this month, I am going to be introducing y'all to women who inspire me every day. I can't wait!

I am so grateful for each of you and the impact you have made on my life!


Megan Smalley

Owner of Scarlet & Gold

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