Let's Do This: Audrey Roloff

Hi friends,

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend, Audrey. She is such an example of what a Godly woman looks like. I have followed her for some time and had the pleasure of meeting her & Jeremy this past week in LA. They are the most genuine, God-fearing, people-loving couple and I am so grateful that the Lord placed them in my life. I hope you are blessed and inspired by her words today.

Tell us about yourself

Hello! My name is Audrey Mirabella Roloff, but most people call me Auj. I'm recently married to my farmer love, Jermey Roloff, and we live in Los Angeles.  I was born and raised in the northwest, and I grew up downhill ski racing, dancing, and swimming. I went to college at Oregon State where I ran collegiate cross country and track, led Young Life, and studied business.  My husband and I endured a three year long-distance relationship before getting married this fall.  I am especially fond of railroad tracks, and I usually wear read lipstick and lace. I am a walking (usually running), collage of raspy-loudness, frizzy-redness, running-freeness, redeemed-brokenness, persevering-faithfulness, and striving to reflect more Christlikeness. I want to bear His image in all my ways, ALWAYS MORE and MORE.

What are some of your goals for 2015?

2014 was a pretty big year for me.... Definitely the most notable of my 23 years.  But God is relentless in giving good gifts to His children, and He is faithful to provide in abundance for those who love and commit their lives Him.  God doesn't run out of the joy He gives. He wants to keep on filling our hearts with it.  Here are my 2015 dreams, goals and commitments:

  • Read truth, The Word, every day
  • Go somewhere new every month
  • Pray for someone every night for a week straight (new person each week)
  • The Prayer Mile - during one mile of my run, turn off my music, thoughts, podcast ect. and pray
  • Memorize a verse every week
  • Run a marathon
  • Get promoted
  • Read 10 new books

How do you make your goals happen?

Dream them, discern them, discipline them, and the do them!  Making your goals happen is all about commitment to a clear and focused goal.  You must have accountability measures in place in order to succeed!

How do you keep yourself accountable?

1. Write down your goals (where you can see them every day)

2. Tell someone that will encourage you and support your goal

3. Pray for the accomplishment of that goal

4. And then for me... I usually write reminders on my hand ;)

 Writing my goals down (and reminders in relation to them) is what helps me hold myself accountable.  But it is also important to tell someone else about your goal, so that they can help hold you accountable as well! "For two are better than one because they have a greater return for their labor (ecc 4:9.)"  And most importantly, you must tell the Lord about your goal.  Laying your dreams before Him is what builds your faith in His ability to accomplish "far more than you ever asked or imagined" (eph 3:20) through you!  I think more often that we realize, "we have not because we ask not." Ask God to motivate persistence in you.  Ask Him to equip you to accomplish you goal, and then go exceed it!

What inspires you to keep pushing forward?

 My passionate belief that through Christ, there is ALWAYS MORE.


Make sure to follow Audrey on Instagram & check out her blog for more inspiration. She is truly incredible and we are honored to call her a friend.


Megan Smalley

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