Let's Do This: Kolby Koloff

Hi friends,

We are thrilled to introduce to you Kolby! She is an incredible example of what a Godly woman looks like. We fell in love with her strong, talented and humble personality on the show Preachers' Daughters and have had the priveledge of corresponding with her since!! Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Kolby Koloff, a singing, songwriting, blogging, fashion loving girl living in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m an eighteen year old preachers’ daughter originally from Concord, North Carolina. I know I may have come from a small town but I have very enormous dreams. 

This past year was a big year for me. There were a lot of ups and downs, but I know without the “downs” I went through, I wouldn’t have appreciated the “ups” nearly as much. 

In 2014 I graduated high school, moved, signed with an amazing music manager, signed a publishing deal, made friends and lost friends, and so much more. I didn’t realize in the midst of everything that it was all getting me to where I am now but I have no doubt in my mind that The Lord knows the plans He has for me. 

Now I’ve never legitimately made a New Year’s resolution list. I made silly ones that I new I wasn’t going to stick to like, “Don’t eat candy all year.” If you know me, you know that really is just not possible. I’m a sweets freak! Although, it wouldn’t have been a bad one to stick to! Anyways, this year was different. I wanted to pick some things that I knew with persistence and dedication I could accomplish.

 This year, I want to take advantage of every single day. I want to adventure like there’s no tomorrow. Drive to different cities, make new friends, and just enjoy being alive  because life is too short. It’s too short to worry about things you can’t change or have no control over. It’s too short to stay angry at someone. It’s too short to complain about the things you don’t have. It’s just too short. I don’t want to waste the days God gives me being ungrateful or unhappy. I just want to be consumed with joy and love and peace and gratefulness! 

Even typing this I am more and more ready for it! I know it is not going to be easy. There are going to be days when I want to scream and cry and say “why me”, and I will. I know I will. But even on those days and in those moments, I will turn around and know that God is still good. At all times. I’ll know that I will overcome it, it may just take time. (and that’s ok!) 

I want to grow this year in ways I didn’t know I could. I want to grow in all of my relationships. With God, with my family, and my friends. I want to be the best daughter, friend, sister, aunt, cousin, niece that I can be. I want to encourage, defend, and love others in ways I never have. I just want to be the me that God has called me to be. 

So, 2015, bring it on! Bring on all of the trials, triumphs, messes, messages, tests, and testimonies that you have to offer. I have amazing friends who teach me things every day about what it is to be a friend like Jesus was. I have an amazing family, who’s love is so strong that we are by each other’s side every day no matter what. Most importantly, I have an amazing God who I know has big plans for me, and is pushing to make me the best version of me I could be. 


- Kolby

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