All Things New: New Love

Because Spring is quickly approaching, we are talking about All Things New this month. We are so excited to have one of our favorites on the blog today talking about her new love. Lauren Scruggs is such a strong woman who radiates love, joy and most importantly, Jesus. We are honored to call her a friend. We hope you are blessed by her words today.

Tell us about you and your new love?

Jason and I met through his wonderful co-worker and friend, Giuliana Rancic. We went on a hike here in LA with my mom and his good friend the day after we met, and started dating long distance shortly after! Jason proposed after about a year later in the most thoughtful and touching way: hundreds of white tulips, music, and candles spelling out "will you marry me?" + surprised me with all of my closest family and friends.

What was the best piece of advice you were given about being a newlywed? What advice would you want to share with those who are about to be newlyweds?

To have generous expectations: in any conversation or argument, remembering that we are always on the same team; we are for each other!! Also, to laugh often, communicate deeply, connect emotionally, and just have fun together!!

What have you learned about yourself since being married?

So much!! I have learned that I am an introvert when I thought I was an extrovert. I completely refuel and recharge when I am alone! Also, I realized that I need to work on communicating my thoughts and feelings clearly instead of hinting emotions; that goes a long way and is very freeing even though it's more vulnerable!

What has been the most exciting new part of your life as a newlywed?

Getting to have sleep overs with your best friend every night, living in the same house, feeling settled, and starting a life together! Not to mention, knowing that we are in this together for life and that we are building our closeness each day, whether it's through arguments or fun memories, is the most exciting and sweetest feeling. It makes every moment mean something!

Images by Kat Harris + Lindsey Brittain. 

Make sure to check out Lauren's new book, Your Beautiful Heart. For more information or to find out how to order, visit 

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