I’m thrilled to be back on #inspirememonday talking about creativity! I’ve been creating as long as I can remember. As a little girl my mom would take rolls of paper stretching them across the floor from the kitchen to the living room. You name it, we made it!  Throughout my years of education, I was blessed with incredible art & design teachers! My high school art teachers saw something in me I didn’t see in myself. This was the first time I was driven to use this gift for something greater!

I went to college clueless of what I wanted to study. I started as a design major but quickly ditched my computer to create hands on. I was a drawer, welder, weaver, ceramicist, painter but most importantly a printmaker.  My days were used printing Lithography, Intaglio and Relief prints. I spent hours upon hours in the studio. This is where I realized the incredible connection I have to the Lord while creating, the way He created me.  I had the realization that without Jesus, I wouldn’t be making artwork in the first place. The only reason I have this gift is because of Him, and what good would it be to use it for my glory instead of His? I had to examine my heart and make sure my pride wasn’t standing in front of the blessing that it could be to others. PRIDE. How easy it is for Satan to get a foothold in this area? In a world full of “ me’s,” “I’s,” and selfies, I personally know the struggle of putting Jesus on display when so much heart, time, and effort goes into every piece of work. It can be hard to find humility but it's oh so crucial!

It was clear to me that the calling on my life was to share the Gospel of Christ through art no matter the medium. I had no idea how this was going to happen! After undergrad, I spent nine months at a seminary program, The Kanakuk Institute, where the Lord continued to grow a desire in my heart to design. He was beyond faithful to connect me with Scarlet & Gold a couple months after graduating. I still look back in awe at how He orchestrated this union! Megan Smalley, the owner and founder took a HUGE leap of faith on me, bringing me on as their first intern and now full-time employee. 

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  Photo credit: Rebecca Read Photography

Throughout my time with S&G I’ve been blessed to work on many incredible projects, from cell phone cases to apparel.  I would have to say the project that has impacted my life the most is the Scripture card collaboration with Redeemed Girl Ministries. When I was assigned this project, I was THRILLED! I was so excited to marry two of my passions, design and Scripture. This is exactly what I had dreamt of doing, and to have opportunity to live it out was amazing! But it’s never that easy right!? This project was nothing short of a labor of love! After finishing my third round of edits in October, I lost the entire project due to a computer virus (STOP & go backup your computer NOW!!!) In all seriousness, Satan knew the impact that these Scripture cards would have on the world and was doing everything in his power for them not to be released!! I spent hours upon hours rebuilding this project.  There was something so sweet about being with the Lord at the wee hours of the morning, relying on Him to sustain me.  By my own flesh, I could not have finished. As the cards were released and testimonies were shared to S&G about how they impacted the lives of so many how could this not be my favorite S&G product I’ve designed.  

  Photo credit: Rebecca Read Photography

As a creative, I’m always pushing my skill-set to the next level! I’m constantly evolving and so is my artwork. My current favorite creative skill is calligraphy.  I picked up a pen seven months ago and haven ‘t been able to put it down since. I love taking calligraphy and hand lettering onto the computer, I fall in love with the process every time! That is exactly why i'm so passionate about creating, there are always new techniques to learn and grow from! 

Throughout this journey I’ve learned so much! First and foremost to never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God, surrendering all control to him. To always recognize where my creativity is stemming from and to burry myself behind the cross of Christ not pride.  I’m blessed to be able to create for a living and will never take it for granted! I’m so thankful I get be apart of a bigger picture, a company that is striving for eternity not our temporal world.  



Chandler Mann



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