Hi friends! I’ve had the honor of temporarily jumping on board the Scarlet & Gold team the past few months as a design intern, and let me tell you it has been a delight! I grew up and went to school in Lincoln, Nebraska but will head to Kansas City in a couple months after I marry my very handsome fiance! I am SO excited for marriage and the opportunity to pursue the creative life in such a lovely city!

Early in college, I found myself getting lost in the tide of design, and I knew I wanted to spend my life doing what I loved. I wanted a career where I wasn’t constantly watching the clock but I was doing something I was made to do. Pursuing that meant a lot of late nights on campus in the studio and an extra semester of school, but I am continually thankful for my degree and the opportunities I had in college.

I’m a believer in restoration. I love dreaming up ways for furniture, clothing, a rundown space, ...etc. to be what it was meant to be and perhaps more. In the same way, my life as a designer is part of being made new as I discover how God wired me and how he created me to work. To be utilizing the skills and talents given to me by my creator  is incredibly energizing and satisfying. If I was doing anything else, Id feel like a clock that couldn’t tell time. I’m sure there are several other things I could be happy doing, but something feels right when I get to create. I’ve always had a deep desire to be true to the reality of who I am and part of that is living out this creative life.  Most recently, I’ve fallen in love with calligraphy. I love opportunities to step outside the computer and use my hands. Sometimes that means hand lettering, binding a book or using a press!

I did not get to this love affair with my career on my own nor did I do anything to deserve it. I have to remind myself it’s a matter of choosing to contribute to the Kingdom and pursue the talents I’ve so purposefully been given. I also come from an incredible community of encouraging family and friends. A portfolio is personal and it takes a high level of vulnerability to share but even when I would make something really awful, there were oooohs and ahhhhs. But I needed those nudges from the beginning in order to move forward. I often doubt myself ( a part of my creative process) but I always remember that failure isn’t final. There’s a lot of encouragement for me, in the fact that I can’t always get things right but I can always move forward.

2411w_02_One of a Kind.jpg

Being an artist/designer is exhausting and it takes an incredible amount of time. My advice would be to give yourself breaks and indulge the things that inspire you...maybe that’s sleeping (my best ideas often come to me right as I wake up in the morning). Educate yourself and never stop learning. It scares me to think about what my career will look like in 20 years, but it’s a step of faith to walk as a designer in this ever changing world. Also, there will always be someone better than you. Comparison just leads to a roller coaster of emotions. Instead, let those people inspire and critique you. Don’t feel like you have to be a jack of all trades, but maximize on what you are good at. My last bit of advice: ask yourself what life look like if we lived in the world God originally intended and pursue that life. As a twenty-something, I understand this season has great potential to be confusing and often frustrating when it comes to careers. I’d just encourage you to open yourself to the freedom of being made new in Christ, and thrive on the passions and skills that he wired so purposefully in you.

Happy Monday, friends!



Design Intern

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