God Given


I was given the opportunity to go to a small group focused on God and creativity. This is SO outside of my comfort zone to go to something like this where I don’t know ANYONE. I am pretty much an introvert at it’s finest. BUT, I felt led to go so I did and OOOOOOOH what a blessing it was. It was filled with amazing local artists, creatives, writers, designers, bakers, and makers of all sorts of amazing aaaaaamazing things. Did I mention they were amazing? We talked about how everything we make is glorifying God. Even the simple things that may seem to have nothing to do with God at all is glorifying him. Something as simple as an Instagram post or how we answer an email reflects God. We talked about how creating is worship. Worship? I had never thought about that before. Of course it's worship, sometimes when I’m “working,” I get totally lost in it and have no concept of time or what is going on around me. A perfect time of reflection and prayer. Just my thoughts, my art, and God. 

The entire process of creating is worship. Sometimes I stare at that white piece of paper and I have no idea what I'm going to do or where it's going to come from. When you do this for a living you understand that you are GOING to have to produce and you are GOING to have to produce on a timeline or you’re GOING to starve. But you don’t know when or how the idea will come. That can be very scary to someone like me who has to always have a plan, sometimes crippling. I have found that this is the perfect lesson of faith in God. I have to have faith that God will give the inspiration. He will provide the idea. It will come. I can trust in Him. 

One thing that sets the occupation of creating apart from others is the fact that we have to give ourselves over to our craft. Every time I stare at a white blank page, I have to dig down deep into myself to give birth to a thought and bring it into the world. Something that was not there before is now here and that takes a lot out of a person. My husband’s background is industrial engineering and now he works in sales, but his occupation is so different than mine in that he is working with what already is. He gives himself in other ways, but not like how I give myself in my work. Creatives are servants. We are to serve our purpose through creating. I heard somewhere once to empty yourself as a vessel and the Lord will fill you up. Isn’t that beautiful? God will always fill me back up. 

At the end of the small group, we were all encouraged to donate something we had made and do a pop-up shop together. All the proceeds were to go to an amazing organization called She Dances. I encourage you to visit their site and learn more about their incredible mission to educate children in Honduras on how to protect themselves from human trafficking AND share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. First John 3:17  says “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?” I have been soooo incredibly blessed in my life. Scarlet & Gold has been sooooo incredibly blessed as a business. We were honored to be included in this opportunity to give so that it can bless others. We donated our “Isn’t She Lovely” gold foil print and all the proceeds went towards this wonderful cause. 

God gave me this ability, and I will give it to God.

Koral Dean, 
Art Director

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