We are moving!!

Hi friends!!!

Have you heard the good news?? This beautiful space is officially ours. And we are SO excited!!!

It's been a long time coming. Two years to be exact. September 1 we will be celebrating our 2nd birthday and we can't wait to do it in our new space. To get the full picture of why we are so excited, you need to take a look at our current workspace (my house). Brace yourselves....


Crazy, right? Let me just say that I have the sweetest and most patient husband in the entire world. He has supported and encouraged me every step of the way, while allowing our house to grow increasingly more crowded. I also have the most wonderful team. I get asked a lot if it makes me nervous to have people in my house all the time. My answer? NOT AT ALL. They all have keys. They come and go as needed. They are here many times when I am not. Hire the right people and you will never worry. These ladies don't care about the fluff. All they care about is that what we are doing matters for the Kingdom. It doesn't matter what it looks like behind the scenes. We can still make a difference in someone's life. 

So now, onto this beauty. Isn't it just perfect? We looked and looked and looked and looked for space. There were so many factors that were important to us and that we were not willing to compromise on. Build out was one of them. We just don't have the budget to go in and do $20,000 worth of work to a space. So, when we found this spot - built out (almost) exactly like we wanted it - we knew it was a match made in Heaven. Here are the before pictures...

We started doing work in the space this weekend. Let me tell you... ripping up carpet is NO joke. Our bodies hurt all over! But, we are grateful that the space doesn't need much work. We will be replacing the flooring, painting, getting a new front desk and tearing down some walls in the back to make the offices bigger. We have a long list of what we would love to do, but we will just do it over time as we can. Here are some pictures from this past weekend...

It doesn't look very pretty now, but we hope and pray that when you walk into the space when it's done, it will be everything you pictured it would be. We are working hard to make sure that we make your shopping experience above and beyond the norm. We are just excited to finally get to meet our wonderful customers in person. We are praying over every inch of this space. That each person that walks in will leave changed. Not because of us but because of Him. 

Stay tuned for more updates and before & after pictures. You can also follow us on snapchat (username: scarletandgold)! We post a lot of behind the scenes pictures there. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting my business every step of the way! I am so grateful!!! 

Lots of love,

Megan Smalley

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