Family Legacy: Get Involved

The past few weeks we have been talking all things Family Legacy! From the story of the ministry to personal testimonies, we hope each of you truly recognize the amazing work they are doing in Zambia. This week we want to tell you the many different ways you can get involved!

First and foremost, you can go to Zambia. Family Legacy offers three trip opportunities including CampLife, Teach ONE and Dream CampCampLife is a weeklong camp held throughout the summer. Each summer, over 600 Americans go to Zambia to spend one week leading a group of 10 Zambian children. Family Legacy invites American teachers each summer to Teach ONE. The American teachers join in a two-week mentorship trip to serve the teachers at the Legacy Academies. During their time in Lusaka, these mentor teachers observe, co-teach and coach a Zambian teacher. Dream Camp is a weeklong camp at the Tree of Life Children’s Village. It encompasses childhood activities for more than 600 children while enriching them in new skills and uncovering their God-given talents.

Next, you can sponsor a child. A child sponsorship allows individuals and families to sponsor children and continue the impact in a child’s life. Your support allows poverty-stricken children to attend a Legacy Academy where they receive a quality education, much needed nutrition and Christian discipleship. A monthly sponsorship will bring transformation into the life of your child through the discipleship and education of the child sponsorship program.

Another way to contribute is to start a campaign. Each year, Camp LIFE ambassadors come home from Zambia and are ready to do anything they can to support the children they have met and fallen in love with. Through golf tournaments, bake sales, garage sales, and dinners in their homes, the ambassadors are spreading the word about the orphan crisis in Zambia. Fundraising campaigns support everything from building a new house at the Tree of Life to improving the Lifeway Christian Academies and getting new children sponsored into the Father’s Heart program.

You can volunteer by joining in for service projects or you can gather donations. General donations can be made as well as specific donations, such as sending someone to CampLife, supporting the Legacy Academy schools, the Tree of Life Children’s Village or the Family Legacy staff. There is also an opportunity to join the Family Legacy team.

To find out more information regarding any of these involvements, visit

Finally, you can purchase our World Tee! We stand by Family Legacy in that we believe in spreading the gospel to the nations. Our tee reminds us to live out Matthew 28:19 daily. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to Family Legacy.

Be sure to look out for a final personal testimony of Family Legacy on next week’s blog post!

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