DIY Marble Stationery

Hey Hey! My name is Chandler Mann and I'm the Director of Visuals and Styling here at Scarlet & Gold! We are all about thinking outside of the box creatively at S&G which inspired us to share one of our favorite DIY's on how to create marble stationery with shaving cream and food coloring!
Supplies You'll need:
Food Coloring
Shaving Cream - Non Gel
Blank Card Stock
Straw or stir
Pyrex Dish
Paper Towels
Painters Tape
LET'S BEGIN! The reason I love this DIY is because anyone can do it! If you're searching for a fun craft to do with your kids or a girls' night activity, we've got you covered! Start by laying out all of your supplies so that you have it handy. 
For this specific project I chose blank Paper Source 5X7 folded cards. Take the blank card stock and tape around all four corners of the bottom. You will also want to tape the inside to make sure that the shaving cream doesn't leak. Trim the leftover tape!
Next, take a pyrex dish and spray shaving cream back and forth until you've covered the whole thing. Then take your first color of food coloring and drip two or three drops and stir LIGHTLY through the shaving cream. Move on to your next colors and repeat this process until you're liking the color combination you have. 
WARNING: You can easily mix too hard and the shaving cream can become muted and brown. Be careful not to stir too much food coloring and add too many colors.
Once you have it how you want it, fold the shaving cream a couple of times with the spatula.
Let the Fun BEGIN! Place your stationery facedown onto the shaving cream and push down to where it makes an imprint in the shaving cream.
Next, slightly peel the card off the shaving cream and place it onto a paper towel.
From a bottom corner of the card stock, scrape the shaving cream completely off of the stationery and TADA!!! 
There you have it!!! Marble stationery!
 Hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial! We will be sharing creative things like this more often so make sure to follow along. Instagram - @scarletandgoldshop, Snapchat - @scarletandgold

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