A New Season

Hi friends!!

It’s been a while! For the past (almost) 8 months, I have been consumed with mom life and been trying to keep my head above water. Most days I still feel that way, but I am slowly coming out of the fog. Twin life has been more all consuming than I ever could have imagined and with Blake working so much, I have done a lot of it alone. His seasons are finally over and we are so thankful to have him home more these days. The boys are in such a fun stage. I swear every new stage is my favorite, but I really love the one they are in now. They are smiling and laughing and sitting up and rolling and trying to crawl. It’s all passing by way too fast and I am trying to soak up every second because there is no guarantee that we will get to do this baby thing again. I look into their eyes and thank God for allowing me to get to experience motherhood because it has changed me and stretched me and filled my heart with more joy than I could have ever imagined.

As far as the business goes, we have been focusing on the Give Grace study and trying to maintain what we have going on. My schedule is a lot crazier than it used to be. I work during naps when the boys sleep at the same time. I keep them on a pretty tight schedule when we are home, but there are lots of days that we get off track. Nap time is like a race against the clock to get everything done that needs to get done. Laundry, dishes, a shower, emails, work, etc. Juggling all the things has felt really heavy at times, but I really am thankful for the ability to be home with my boys. I don’t want to miss one second.

Although I have loved staying home with the boys, this year has been humbling in all sorts of ways. We used to have a glamorous office space, a big staff and honestly didn’t have to put all that much effort into product launches because it was such a well oiled machine. What we did just worked because we had done it over and over for so long. But this year it has seemed like nothing we have done has worked like it used to. I walked away from a fun, exciting business that I loved to stay home and wipe rear ends and clean up spit up all day every day. It’s a good day when I get a shower, still. This journey of motherhood has been humbling and has taught me so much about the heart of servanthood we are called to as Christians. The days are not easy, but serving my family is my first ministry.

Because we love the product side of things so much, we have been trying really hard to find a way to do it that works with our life. The product side of the business has always been a ministry for us. That is why it’s important. We don’t just want to provide Christian based products. We want to draw people into what we are doing by creating beautiful things and then love and serve people well. Through that, we hope people see Jesus. But, we don’t want to be a slave to work or overcommit ourselves. The few product launches we did in the fall were a total disaster logistically and we have had to step back from them because we want to do things well. Koral and I decided that if we can’t do things well, we wouldn’t do them. Here is where the exciting new comes in….. We have finally found a way to release new product to you that is well done, good quality, quick turnaround AND not overwhelming for us.

It's a new season for me personally and for S&G. A beautiful season. A season of coming into our own and maturing as a business. A season of getting back to what makes Scarlet & Gold great and the company that you all love, but in a fresh way. We've hit bumps along the way and through the bumps, we have learned so much about what we want to be doing and what we don't. We still don't have it all figured out, but we are optimistic about what's next. 

So….. We hope you will go check out the new things in the shop. You can expect a 7-10 business day turnaround time for each order. The quality is up to Scarlet & Gold standard (please let us know if you experience otherwise) and we are able to offer a lot of new product types. We will be releasing more of your S&G favorites with new designs throughout the year as we grow and get back into swing of product launches including a baby and child collection that we are so excited about! We hope you love it all!

We will also be kicking the podcast back off very soon. Stay tuned for more on that. And we will be opening the Give Grace study back up for another round in April. It has been so encouraging to our hearts to see how God has moved in the lives of about 300 women the past 10 weeks. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next round and we are already praying over each woman that will join us.

We are also well into the process of setting up the 501C3 for Give Grace. It’s a lengthy process that includes a lot of big decisions that we are currently praying through. We hope to have more details soon, but in the meantime, we are excited about how God is continuing to use this ministry to encourage people walking through hard seasons.

We are so thankful for each of you that have support and loved us on this crazy ride!

Lots of love,


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  • Candace Hargraves

    I started a comment but it was over over ridden by somethiniig and for the life of me I cannot recover it!!! Not a lot of computer skills! I am excited that you are expanding inventory and feel your enthusiasm. I won’t attempt to repeat my rambling -just know that I wish you well and hope to remain on your mailing list! Good luck and best wishes! (I am from Arab!) I am anxious to see your new inventory. Hugs to your sweet little boys !!!!

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