Step into Fall in Style.

Picture this… it’s photoshoot day in the office. There are tees being steamed, models getting glammed, and behind-the-scenes staff frantically making sure that everything is in place for when the photographers arrive. What I’m trying to say is that photoshoot day here at Scarlet & Gold is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. But then again, it’s also like Christmas for our creative team. They work around the clock for months ahead of time only to see their vision come to life on this very day. Super exciting huh?! As the designated “stylist” on photoshoot day, I’m given the perfect product, the perfect models, and the perfect photographers to get the best shot… but what exactly goes into capturing THE perfect picture? I want to share with you some of my favorite looks from the Fall 2016 Lookbook and what my thought process behind the looks were!

Ellie, oh Ellie… how pretty is she?! Like, drop dead gorgeous. I love how versatile her look is and how she portrays that on film. My FAVORITE fall tee is pictured on the left, do you recognize the concept? Two words: David Crowder (or at least that’s what it makes me think of). The block lettering on this beauty makes it a little more alternative to me, which is why I chose to pair it with a pair of distressed black denim. And the peep-toe leather booties with the gold bar necklace tie the whole “rocker” look together that I was shooting for. Also, does anyone remember Power Beads from like, elementary school? This fab little bracelet from Kate Morris Jewelry totally takes me back!

But then look how elegant and whimsical Ellie looks in the tee on the right. Since this tee concept is a bit more soft (quoting a verse from Amazing Grace), I wanted the look to come off more feminine. And what in the world is more feminine than a pair of medium-washed bell bottoms with a wrap-around cuff? The soft blue color compliments Ellie’s luscious locks along with the shade of the denim, although nothing could ever NOT-compliment this lady!

Moving onto my favorite fall fashion… skinnies and booties! We are loving this Goodness Gracious pony-tee on the left because of the scoop back so that you can put a cute little bralette under it. This specific tee is a light speckled-gray color so it can definitely pair with dark OR black skinnies (as seen on Ashley and Allie). And who doesn’t love a tee that goes with lots of bottoms?! #moneysaver

And can we please talk about how the first thing you notice about Ellie on the right is her oh-so-fabulous fringe booties? I’m literally dying over them. I tied those into our oatmeal-colored Sparrow tee because they both give off a Native American vibe. And the medium-washed skinnies with holes in the knees make this look perfection, don’t you think?! I also used a subtle bar necklace to add a hint of gold to the outfit because you always have to have SOME sort of jewelry on your neck!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work… our motto here at S&G! We loved this concept so much that we decided to turn it into a fall tank. When I think about this concept, I just want to pull out that bicep emoji and take it to the gym with me, (HA!) which is why I showed it as a “work out tank” on the left. Since the words on the tank are extremely motivating, I thought it was important to show how this tank can empower you when you wear it! Sheer leggings + Black Nikes = yes, please.

Then you have Allie on the right, looking all flawless as she looks out the window. WHY don’t I look like that when I try to look serious?! That’s beside the point. I know that most people say that black and brown don’t go together but those people are CRAZY. A pair of brown slit booties (which I N-E-E-D for this coming fall) and white cropped denim is exactly what this tank needs to be transitioned into more of a “daytime casual look.” Add a semi-precious stone necklace right on your collar bone and you’re good to go!

Favorite color of all time: SMOKE. It’s not necessarily black, charcoal, or ink… it’s a mixture of all three colors! I am obsessing over this style tee because it’s a bit more oversized and unisex, which is all the rage right now! Especially in Alabama… we like our tees approximately 3 sizes too big, can I get an amen?! I paired both of these tees with light denim and taupe booties but tried to style them a little differently.

Chandler in the Leaf tee on the left is a bit trendier with her super distressed, light cropped denim and open-toe booties. And then you have the fabulous Nwando on the right in our graphic YAS tee rockin’ a more conservative look since she has on straight-leg skinnies and traditional pointed booties. I really love the necklace that Nwando is sportin’ because the triangular shape on it matches the shape of the graphic on the tee! See what I did there?!

Thanks to our girls over at Therapy Boutique and Kate Morris Jewelry, we were able to style and capture such amazing looks for our Fall 2016 Lookbook (launching this summer!). If you can’t live without any of the bottoms that we used from Therapy (OR any goodies on their website), be sure to use the code "scarlet20" at check-out to receive 20% OFF your entire order! Oh, what's that? You live locally and want to shop in-store? Just mention the code above to receive your discount at the shop! Discount expires 10/31/16 so make sure to take advantage of this deal. We can’t wait for you to see all of the new apparel coming this fall… trust me, you’ll want every last one of these tees!

- Allison Dismuke

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