Monday Must: Give Grace earrings + Prayer Journal

This week, we are so excited to launch two new products!

The first is the latest product in a line that has grown so very dear to the heart of our brand. We came together as a team to create the Give Grace campaign after we were inspired by our founder Megan and her husband Blake Smalley’s infertility story. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this line of products went to send them to the top fertility doctor in the country. Now that we have raised enough money for their treatment, all of the funds raised will go to other couples struggling to start a family, whether that is through IVF or adoption.

These products are so much more than the prints, shirts and phone cases that you see at surface level. Beneath all of them, there are deeply beautiful and wonderful meanings.

We created our new Give Grace earrings to inspire our customers to embrace their human nature. The clear stone is a reminder to be more transparent in our struggles. We often want to jump at the chance to help someone else in need overcome their obstacles and lighten their burdens but shy away from sharing our own troubles with those around us. We at S&G challenge you to share your hardships and allow the Lord to help them shape both you and the people you love.

The gold oval represents God’s unending love and grace, always surrounding us and holding us together. When combined, these two simple materials symbolically remind us to seek God in times of trouble and not hide in the shadows during the difficult seasons.

We hope these earrings can serve as more than just a statement piece, but a conversation piece. If you receive a compliment, we hope you’ll tell the unique story of our Give Grace earrings.

While our products tell unique stories, we adore the fact that each one of our customers has a story to tell of their own. We know each individual’s story was written by God and designed for His purpose.

There is nothing more beautiful than connecting the stories of our own lives to the story of God. Our brand new, exclusive Scarlet & Gold prayer journal allows you to do just that. In our collaboration with Val Marie Paper, our journal prompts you to fill in each month with prayer needs for your world, nation and community as well as fill in goals, favorite quotes, answered prayers and much more.

These prayer journals are a reflection of our belief that there is so much power in talking to God and choosing to see his work in our lives. By putting him in the center of our daily decision making, thoughts and struggles we can strengthen our faith immensely.

After all, bringing women closer to the Lord is what S&G is and always has been about. We hope these new products do just that!

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