Happy Birthday, my loves.

Hi friends,

It's been a while since I have posted here. To be honest, I have spent this year just keeping my head above water, trying to soak up every possible second with my precious miracles. Work has definitely taken a back seat so that I could focus on what matters most: my family. I am so grateful for your support over the years and your patience this year as Koral and I navigate this new season of life we are in.

My journey to motherhood wasn't easy, but I am grateful for the heartache because it led me to my boys: David Elijah and Stisher Thomas Smalley. Today, we celebrate a year of their life and God's faithfulness in bringing them to us.

We are grateful for every single one of you that prayed for us, encouraged us and supported our Give Grace Campaign. Without you, our boys wouldn't be here.

Happy birthday, my loves. We adore you!

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