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I had full intentions of sharing this blog post a few weeks ago, but then the Christmas season happened. We have been full steam ahead trying to pack all your orders and get them out the door in time for Christmas. So, here I am sitting in my hotel room in Denver two days before my embryo transfer catching up on this very past due post.


During the month of November, I shared different parts of my IVF experience this time around that I thought proved to be beneficial. Among the top of that list is acupuncture. Now, before you write me off, just hear me out.


Before infertility, I was the most anti-all things all natural that you could possibly be. I think I just knew too many people that would pick and choose things they wanted to be obsessive about and the rest of their lifestyle didn’t match up. For example, you can’t tell me that you don’t believe in vaccinations or an epidural because they are harmful to your body, but then you only feed yourself and your kids Burger King and McDonalds. That doesn’t make any sense. And I looped acupuncture into this category of strange things that people did because they didn’t want to go to the doctor.


Fast forward four years and I am totally eating all my thoughts. I wouldn’t quite classify myself as crunchy or granola quite yet, but I am a big believer in organic foods, all the oils all the time, acupuncture and a more natural lifestyle. I have become much more aware and educated about the importance of what you put in and on your body. I started going to acupuncture because it was recommended for several things I was experiencing including infertility and migraines. I was terrified at first. I could only picture the movies and tv shows where someone has needles from head to toe. But that’s not how it is at all.


Each time you go, you specifically work on the areas that are bothering you. For me, I carry a lot of tension in my neck (hello migraines!) so that was the focus: relieving that tension. They put a few needles in my neck, some in my head and a few in my feet. That was it! I would spend 30 minutes under a heat lamp and then flip over for them to treat the other side. This treatment was over a year ago and I haven’t had a migraine since.


In the months leading up to our IVF cycle, I started going once a week. Then as we got closer, I picked up the frequency and went 2-3 times per week. Acupuncture can be so beneficial for infertility. I don’t know all the science behind it, but I am sure you can find wonderful information about it on this thing called Google. ;) But this is what I can tell you – it is the most relaxing hour of my day every time I go. Business ownership is stressful. Infertility is stressful. Being a coach’s wife is stressful. And I don’t always manage my stress levels well. So for me, it’s a forced hour of relaxation and time to take care of myself.


Does it hurt? I get this question a lot. It is needles going into your skin, but there are definitely certain points that are more uncomfortable than others. For the most part, you can’t even feel the needs go in. They are super tiny and barely go beneath the skin. But there are some points that carry more tension and are a little uncomfortable. It’s nothing more than a pinch though and it’s over in a second. Once the needles are in, you can’t even feel them. You almost feel paralyzed from relaxation. I never want to move my body because I am scared I will mess the points up so it forces me to lay super still and try to turn my mind off. So, no. I would say that it doesn’t hurt. Pain is not the word to describe it. Some points are uncomfortable, but nothing more than that.


If you are walking the road of infertility or about to go through any kind of fertility treatment, I strongly recommend finding a good acupuncturist that specializes in infertility. Obviously, talk to your doctor first. If you are in Auburn, AL, I recommend Dr. Kurt Kochek at Spa Auburn. He has been wonderful!


Just a side note, I don’t think there are a lot of clinics that do this, but I will be doing same day acupuncture on the day of my transfer, before and after. CCRM is a big supporter of it so if you get push back from your clinic about doing acupuncture, you might need to consider finding a different clinic.


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Lots of love,


Megan Smalley

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  • Megan @NoSmallLife

    Hi Megan! I’m so glad to have your blog and awesome shop! :) I’m a fellow Megan that has also walked the road of infertility. And I get it. And it’s actually from that place that God ‘birthed’ our blog. :) I think its awesome that you’re doing all the natural things, that’s my heart too. I have yet to experiment with acupuncture, but I gotta say, you may have just made me a convert ;) Anyways, just wanted to connect with you and let you know another “Megan” gets it and is praying for you today :)

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