A Day in the Life of Koral

We work hard here at S&G to live by our motto: Create. Give. Inspire. We don’t just start embodying this motto when we sit down with our coffee in the office and stop once we lock up at night. It’s not a 9-5, part-time ideology. We strive to live out these three words all day, every day.

As coworkers, we really look up to our leading ladies as examples to follow. See how Koral spends her day creating, giving and inspiring.

Wake Up:
I usually wake up around 7:30 but it's really just whenever my 2 year old wakes up. Sometimes it could be 6 and sometimes it could be 8 but you best believe I will hang in there and get as much sleep as possible. I am NOT a morning person at all, but motherhood has forced me to get up and be productive. Plus, Maison’s bright smile and energy definitely helps make my mornings much, much easier. From there, we start our morning routine of breakfast, then fighting and pleading with her to brush her teeth and hair. Then it's yet another battle to change her clothes and fix her hair. Usually by this time I have lost all my energy from just getting her ready that I am literally aching to crawl back in the bed. But then I remember I'm a mom of a toddler now and it will be a really long time until I can do that again. :) Instead, I make the bed and kiss it goodbye. I start a load of laundry and do some dishes. Then, I play with Maison until the nanny arrives at 9. I am not really one that loves schedules. I usually get bored with them but I have found that it is so important for children to have them and our mornings run so much smoother with one, so I try to keep it as consistent as possible.  

My main goal with breakfast is quick and healthy. We have a few go to favorites that are quick during the week and then we try to be a bit more adventurous during the weekend by doing a bigger, more involved breakfast. It's usually cereal, avocado toast, or oatmeal with fruit for me during the work week and Maison loves waffles with fruit or cinnamon toast and yogurt (AND whatever I'm eating). Keeping our breakfast choices down to quick and simple options really helps take away the stress of figuring out what to cook and save time! 

Getting Ready:
Somewhere in between my battle with Maison to brush her teeth and hair, I manage to get my teeth and hair brushed too. I get dressed for the day and spritz myself with THIS. It gives me a little boost and for a split second I feel like I have actually treated myself to a facial or something. (At least I like to tell myself that and it works for me so… yeah) And then… THAT’S IT!!! That is the benefit/con of working from home because I'm not going to see anyone! And I say con, because I’m not going to be seeing anyone… 

Commute: My commute is a whopping walk up the stairs in our home. I do count that as a commute because after working from home for several years now I have learned that you have to have a dedicated space and treat it like you are going to the office. I used to just work wherever I felt like it - on the couch, at the kitchen table, in bed. But after awhile and ESPECIALLY when you have kids, it becomes very hard to separate work and home. I will be sharing more on what I've learned from working at home and work-life balance later, so stay tuned if you’re interested. 

Morning Work: First thing I do when I get to work is check my emails. I like to start from the bottom and work my way up. Once I get caught up on emails I start to tackle my to do list. I keep a healthy to do list in a planner and I write everything down. I LOVE that feeling you get when you cross something off your list. To do lists are all about prioritizing and when your list is two pages long it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I always try to “eat the frog” and do that thing on my list that I really don’t want to do first and get it out of the way. My mornings are usually filled with meetings and phone calls and the more our team has grown the more my responsibilities have shifted from actual design work to delegating and managing a team. This didn’t come as natural to me as design did. It really pushed me to gain a whole new skill set and is something that I have grown to love.

Lunch: Because I work from home and because I only work until 2 pm, I work through lunch in order to get the most out of my work day. My lunch usually consists of whatever I can grab out of the fridge really quickly. I am guilty of being that annoying person who always calls everyone during their lunch break because I don’t even realize that it's lunch time and everyone else takes a lunch. Whoopsies. 

Afternoon Tasks: In order for me to work the hours I do that allow me to spend precious quality time with Maison AND get the job done, I bust my butt and don’t waste time. I have had to become very efficient with my time and get a lot of things done in less time. Having that time with her is what motivates me to get stuff done. I have found that in order to have work-life balance I have to give 100% when I'm at work and then turn it off as much as possible when I'm off so that I can then give 100% when I'm momma with Maison. 

After Work: Maison is down for a nap when I finish for the day so I usually try to rest for about an hour until Maison wakes up around 3:30. I'm now seven and a half months pregnant, so this time of rest is really important so that I can gather my strength for when Maison wakes us. After Maison wakes up, we play until it's time to start dinner. 

Dinner: I usually cook if I can muster the energy (which if I'm being honest, it's been much less recently)! I like to make a big to do with dinner and make sure everyone is sitting down at the table together. This time really is one of my favorite times of the day to be able to all sit down as a family and enjoy a good meal. My husband is off work at 5 so I usually try to have dinner done between 5 and 5:30.

Night: After dinner, I bathe Maison and we all play together a little bit longer as a family before we start to wind her down for bed. Then we start our nighttime routine of vitamins, books, prayer and singing until she falls asleep. Sometimes my husband and I are both so tired that we go to sleep at that time too or we will stay up and watch TV to unwind. 

Weekend: During the weekend my schedule is way more loose. Like I mentioned before, I hate schedules and always doing the same thing over and over. I like to use my weekends to take a break from that as much as I can. I also have to totally unplug from emails and work as much as possible and set it aside in order to be able to come back Monday morning and bust it during the week. There really is no telling what we will do on Saturdays. We like to visit family in Cullman, go to a fun activity with Maison, get groceries or do a project around the house. On Sunday’s we go to Church of the Highlands at Grants Mill. The weekend is all about filling myself back up and nothing does that better than church. My husband and I have been really convicted lately to use Sunday as our rest day. This is our goal as we head into this new season with a new baby. I have my days all planned out now but I know that is going to all be turned upside down again soon when this little baby boy gets here! We will adjust because that’s what we moms do best! 


THAT is my glamorous (not so glamorous) life! I think a lot of what is portrayed on social media and on my own personal Instagram account is beautifully crafted images and sweet smiling photos because making things beautiful is what I like to do and is my craft. I will be the first to say that my life is most definitely not always picture perfect (which is why I don’t post a ton). The truth is, I'm just like any other mom doing my best to balance it all. Most of the time my house is a mess and I don’t recognize this tired person with dark circles in the mirror. Though it may not be like a Hallmark card, I am still one incredibly blessed person with a beautiful, healthy family. And though the day to day grind is not as glamorous as the S&G Instagram grid, I get to do something that is making a difference and use my creative talents for the Kingdom (which is about as glamorous as it gets). 

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