Monday Must: Every Hour I Need You Tee

One of the best parts about being a Christian is our expectation to sing out our praise to God from the rooftops, loud enough for everyone to hear. While not all of us can sound like Adele up there on stage, there are other ways we can show, share and spread our love for Jesus.

With our new Every Hour I Need You tee, we make it easy for the words of praise to come from your heart and be visible to those around you (even when you aren’t singing them!). This ancient line from the popular hymn has become a staple in Christian music and for good reason.

“Every Hour I Need You”

Often as humans, we let our pride think that we can do it all on our own and our independence tells us that we don’t need to ask for help every once in awhile. The line “every hour I need you” reminds us that without God, we are nothing.

Even our greatest accomplishment would not be possible without the Lord, the gifts he gave us and the opportunities he created for us. We need him in these times of triumph but we also need him in times of trouble.

It’s easy to reach out for God when things aren’t going our way or we’re hurting. We often find it harder to “need” God when things are going right.

By wearing our tee, you can remind yourself, and others, that we need God, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.

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