Monday Must: Let Your Light Shine Tee

It’s no secret that there is plenty of darkness in the world today. War, poverty, vanity, hate, selfishness and about a million other sinful things that we could fill the lines of this blog post with. Instead, we’re choosing to talk about the light.

And by doing so, we’re choosing to follow the example that our Let Your Light Shine Tee suggests. By choosing not to dwell on all the negative things in life, because we know there are plenty of them, we shine a light for others who might be struggling to see the world clearly.

There is an unmistakable, undeniable light about people who are so obviously full of Jesus. It’s hard not to interact with these people and walk away feeling the presence of the Lord and seeing the world a little differently.

Often times, we think these people are so much closer to God than we are, and that while we may be strong believers, we don’t feel we have the same magnetic personality or confidence that they do in sharing the gospel.

Oh, how wrong we are.

We don’t have to be standing on a stage or sitting in a pew on Sunday in order to show people our Christian values. We don’t have to be the most charismatic speaker or outgoing person in the room. We just have to embody Jesus in the way we think, act and treat others.

Remember the old saying, “actions speak louder than words?”. By choosing to treat every conflict, struggle or even positive encounter with grace and love will show others the light of Jesus. Often, that can have an even bigger impact than words.

So what if you don’t think you’re the most engaging person to have a conversation with. Maybe you shy away from opening up to strangers. God gave you other gifts, gifts that are unique to you. Maybe you’re a great writer, a good listener, a hard worker.

In every environment you find yourself, whether it be in the classroom, at work, at home, in the grocery store, wherever, is a chance to shine use your talents to shine a light where others might see only darkness.

You have so much light inside of you, so much of Jesus’ love in your heart. Don’t be afraid to show it off and share it with the world. By wearing our brand new “Let Your Light Shine” tee, you’ll be reminded of your own opportunities each day to spread the word of Jesus. Plus, you’ll encourage others to shine theirs too.

How’s that for a bright idea?

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