Monday Must: You're Beautiful tee

Every day we set reminders. We set our alarms to wake us up in the morning. Post sticky notes on our desks or countertops to remind us of errands we need to run or emails we need to send. We set a timer on the oven to make sure we don’t forget to take dinner out in 20 minutes. We make to-do lists so we don’t miss a single thing, ensuring we remember everything.

As moms, students, friends, wives, girlfriends, employees, bosses, sisters and daughters, we’re pretty busy people. We try our best to stay organized but it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this earthly life. We often neglect ourselves, putting just about everyone and everything in front of our own needs and desires.

Sometimes, this selflessness can leave us feeling insecure in ourselves and exhausted. We look around at other women in our families, social circles, workplaces and communities who we feel seem to have it all together. It can be easy to doubt your own worth and start to compare yourself. Whoever said “comparison is the thief of joy” was absolutely right.

Consequently, in the midst of all our daily stresses we can often find ourselves thinking:

“I wish I looked more like her.”

“I should really lose some weight.”

“My hair is so boring.”

“I wish my arms were more toned.”

“I wish I could do my makeup like hers.”

We get so caught up in wanting to be and look like someone else that we forget just how lucky we are to be ourselves.

God created us to be unlike anyone else on this planet. You’re not supposed to look like her, or that image of beauty that you have stuck in your head. You’re supposed to look exactly like you do now, the way God created you to be.

We created our “You’re Beautiful” tee to serve as yet another reminder in your busy day. One that tells you and the ladies you come in contact with that the woman you each see when you look in the mirror is so beautiful, capable, smart and wonderful. And if your own opinions fails, remember that at the end of the day, it’s His that really matters.

And He thinks you’re pretty great.

(And so do we!)

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