Office Makeover: Creating The Perfect Gallery Wall

It’s been a year and half since we moved into our chic little Auburn office and began growing Scarlet & Gold. Since then, we’ve sat at our white topped desks hand writing thank you notes, gathered around our computer screens to obsess over new designs and shared more than a few laughs while packaging orders or taking a much needed break on our favorite green suede couch.

To put it simply, we’ve been pretty busy.

For our founder Megan Smalley, this means she’s a little behind on decorating her office. To really bring her space to life, Megan decided she wanted to create a gallery wall. Already equipped with a bare white wall and our own inventory of beautiful art prints to choose from, she just needed the right frames to bring it all together.

Cue Framebridge, a custom framing company that creates both beautiful and style conscious frames while also providing clients like us with an easy and affordable shopping experience.

With their wide range of frames built for every taste, they matched our style perfectly with a cohesive gallery collection of black and gold frames.

These frames were custom sized for Megan’s favorite prints and display items. Megan chose our She Was Beautiful and Give Grace prints, three gorgeous photos, and since they offer both digital and physical framing, she was also able to include one of our most loved necklaces!

By blending these different forms of media we were able to create a truly unique and personalized gallery wall.

After receiving the frames in the mail (which ship free!), we were so excited to get to work.

Now that we had the perfect assortment of frames and prints, it was time to pick a layout.

To best fill the large area of wall we were working with we opted for what Framebridge describes as a “Classic” layout, an organic placement of 5-10 pieces of varying sizes.  

We played with several different layouts until settling on our favorite - we definitely recommend having a friend or two there to help you decide what looks the best!


After picking the layout, we followed Framebridge’s detailed instructions for hanging, since different sized frames require different methods and tools.

In no time at all, we were able to help Megan transform her bare white wall into a gorgeous and classy gallery.

As if we weren’t excited about these frames already, Framebridge is offering a 15% off discount for our Scarlet & Gold followers! Use code SCARLETGOLD15 at checkout now through 4/30/17!

Shop their products here to create a picture perfect gallery, just like Megan’s!

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  • ellen

    looks great and makes me want to get busy putting pics on my walls to add warmth to my home!!!

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