Shop small.

Why does it matter to shop small? I can vividly remember packaging every single order that came in myself. I had our shipping station set up in my guest bedroom and I would tie beautiful gold ribbons around every box and write a hand written thank you note for the order. Long before anyone knew our name and our 90k instagram followers, we started out with nothing but a big dream, a very unglamorous set up and the tenacity to make it work. You see, every small business has to start somewhere. In a garage, a guest bedroom, a storage unit, a very humble beginning. But behind every small business and perfectly styled photo is a real person with a real dream and a real family to support.

Your purchase matters. It supports my dream. It supports my family. And it gives us the means to provide free resources like our Give Grace Podcast. In this time of transition for our business, the heart beat hasn't changed. Our desire is to provide tools for women in their tough seasons of life. But doing that isn't free. It costs money to produce a podcast. It costs money to run a website. It costs money to design, photograph and produce resources. And your purchases help us do just that. So we are thankful that you choose to shop small today and every day.

We are so excited to announce NEW things coming very soon! Until then, there are two days left to shop our Black Friday/Cyber Monday preorder. It's our last preorder of the year!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do this every day!

Lots of love,

Megan Smalley

Amazing graphic from a small business we love - Lindsay Letters

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