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Hi friend!!

We are so glad to have you here! And we really mean it. We are Megan & Koral, CEO & Creative Director at S&G. But really, we hate fancy titles because we are just two moms in the thick of raising our babies and also working hard to make time for this calling on our lives.

Speaking of callings on our lives... for the past 7 years now, we have felt God's call on our heart here... to S&G. We deeply desire to use the gifts God has given us to create meaningful & beautiful products that both encourage hearts and give our customers the confidence to share about things they love.

We believe in the importance of doing life together with our people. And cultivating meaningful community starts with common ground. We believe God ignites passions in our heart to allow us to build relationships with others and share our gifts with the world.

Hear this friend:
You are not meant to do life alone.

We hope you find a message in the shop that helps you share the passions in your heart and cultivate a community around you that builds you up.

Whether or not you choose to shop with us, we want you to know that we are grateful for you and that we are so glad you are here. And we hope you always leave our little space on the internet better and more encouraged than when you came.


Megan Smalley & Koral Dean

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  • Cheri Brooker

    Good morning! I have a coworker who loves your website! I would like to get her a $25.00 gift card for your website. Please advise how or if I can do this for her? Thank you! Cheri Brooker

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