What's In My Bag?

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a pretty simple girl. When I find a purse that I love, I wear it out. I am not the kind of girl that changes purses every week or even every month. My go to purses lately have been K. Slade bags. I have the navy leather Carryall and the black leather Crossbody - both of which I highly recommend. One is roomy enough for everyday and the other is great for travel, which I do a lot of. Finding a good quality purse that will last me a while is key for my sanity because I don’t enjoy changing them out.

Something you can always find in my bag is my phone. It’s my lifeline for work and for life. My husband works long hours and 45 minutes away so I like to have it handy anytime he or my team needs me. My goal as a boss and as a wife is to be available to my people when they need me. Sometimes that means having my phone too much, but I find joy in being there for my people when they need something. I have the iPhone 7, but now with two little boys on the way I am wishing I had gotten that amazing 7 Plus camera. Maybe I will upgrade before August. And of course, I have an S&G phone case. I chose Herringbone this time because of the simplicity of the design.

Sunglasses are a must for me pretty much everywhere I go. I had lasik eye surgery in college so even about 10 years later, my eyes are very sensitive to light. I am obsessed with Raybans because they are some of the only ones I have found that don’t hurt my head. I still use my polarized aviators that I actually won with my pharmaceutical job about 4 years ago. I love them and they have held up really well!

My car keys are pretty simple. As you could have guessed, I am not a key chain kind of girl. I do have one cross key chain that my mother in law gave me years ago and it’s a good daily reminder for me.

Receipts, receipts, receipts. I do wish I was more organized in life. My hubby and I have been going through every room in the house and cleaning out the past few weeks to make room for all sorts of baby stuff we are about to have to get. I try to do this with my purse as often as I can too because I tend to just accumulate things, particularly receipts. As of late, they are frequently from Starbucks (decaf of course), target, and every restaurant in Auburn because I have not felt up to cooking.

Most women fill their bags with makeup and lipstick, but not me. I am simple Burt’s Bees chapstick kind of girl. So instead, I have been filling it with lots of snacks these days. I am learning with carrying twins that if I don’t eat consistently, my blood sugar will go low and I will get super faint. So snacks it is!

Lastly, my wallet is one of my favorite things that I consistently have in my purse. I got it as a bridesmaids gift from one of my best friends about 6 years ago. It’s a navy leather Hobo wallet and it brings back such fond memories every time I pull it out.

As you can see, I am a pretty simple girl and try to pack my purse with necessities for life. It’s often messier than it should be but so is my life. My mother-in-law always tells me “If you just put things where they go when you take them off, it will save you so much time.” But life is too short for that, right?

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