The Starburst | Necklace
The Starburst | Necklace

The Starburst

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Light a match. Light the fuse. Watch it soar up into the sky like a rocket and explode open into a million sparks, a thousand colors, seen for a hundred miles.

Light a match. Light the furnace. In goes metal; the heat burns and melts and purifies until only gold is left.

There’s work for you to do—work that may start small as the sparks that fly off the side of the matchbox. The question is: will you do it?

Will you fight the shame, the doubt, the fear that douses your flame?

Wear this necklace as a reminder to pursue your passions. Do the work that explodes; do the work that burns deeply. Live your passion and your purpose.


Necklace Details

  • 14k gold plated pendant 14k gold plated chain

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