The Holy Spirit Medium Disk

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Peace. Be still.

It’s no incantation, no magical three words. It’s a command.

Jesus stood on the edge of a boat that staggered over the waves. The wind whipped his shoulders, his back, his face, yet he stood. And with a word, he brought peace. 

Another place, another time—there was a flood that lasted 40 days. A dove landed on the deck of the boat and dropped a freshly picked olive branch at Noah’s feet. 

Peace. The storm is over. The flood subsides.

Usually white in color, doves traditionally represent peace. Peace is pure; peace is whole. 

Wear this necklace to remind yourself that peace is yours, whatever you’ve gone through and wherever you’ve been. Wear it to share with others the hope that you have.


Necklace Details

  • 22k gold filled pendant 14k gold plated chain