More and more women are weaving their stories, their burdens and their God-given gifts into big dreams, intentional businesses and God’s work. The Lord gifted The Well Studio ladies the vision in May to create a devotional with prayers and scripture that would encourage you to stay tethered to your faith and to the Lord, who without His saving grace, all dreaming and doing is in vain. We have long known the power of community and the uniqueness of individuals in the body of Christ, so The Well Studio ladies gathered an inspiring group of dreamers and doers and entrepreneurs to write these prayers along with us.

The prayers, scripture and questions that fill these pages are written to accompany you on the journey of brilliant dreams and scary risks, weary struggles and joyful success, inspiring ideas and fears of failure….all in light of how God has created you to be and to do all things well….not perfectly, but {well}.


Foreward by Jennie Allen  //  Afterword by Lara Casey

Aedriel Moxley / Alisa Keaton / Beth Ann Platt / Casey Wiegand / Chelsie Birks / Claire Hogan / Demi Austin-Thomas / Dianne Jago / Esther Havens / Francie Winslow / Gina Zeidler / Hilary Rushford / Holley Gerth / Jen Ramos / Jennie Allen / Jess Connolly / Jill Monaco / Marshawn Daniels /Megan Smalley / Nancy Ray / Kristen Steele McCall / Kristin Rogers / Lara Casey / Lauren Chandler / Lindsay Sherbondy / Maggie Whitley / Megan Burns / Rebecca Lyons / Tricia Goyer / Valerie Woerner


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