If we are all honest, I think we would all say that this Covid season has been rough. There have been lots of blessings and good times during quarantine, but overall, it's been more hard than good. Would you agree?

And it seems like our new normal is to live in a constant state of uncertainty. We don't know what this school year is going to look like. We don't know what football season will look like. We don't know when or if life will go back to the way it once was.

And that's hard.

I want to share this new devotional I started this week that has really been encouraging my heart. It's called Leading Wherever You Are by Teresa Anderson.


Let me share this excerpt with you because it really convicted me...

"Fear undermines our calling, making us question whether or not we can really do what God asked us to do--or whether we even heard Him ask us in the first place. When the voice of fear tries to deter us from where God is leading, we need to remember that we're actually hearing someone else's voice. Jennie Allen spoke about this in her book Nothing to Prove:
'If I were your enemy, this is what I would do:
Make you believe you need permission to lead.
Make you believe you are helpless.
Make you believe you are insignificant.' 
As Jennie noted, our enemy--Satan--pulls us off course, away from our why. He uses things like distraction, desire for comfort, questions about our identity, comparison, and suffering. We overcome fear when we push away his voice and keep our eyes and ears turned to our heavenly Father. That's what Joshua did. He didn't allow any feelings of insignificance, of feeling overwhelmed or out of his depth, to turn his face away from his important why. Instead, it was his driving force to continue stepping forward."


Wow right?? This hit me right in the heart because I have let fear get the best of me lately. It's scary running a business right now. It's scary buying a house right now. It's scary deciding if I should let me kids go back to school this year. It's scary being pregnant right now. But I have to make a daily choice to rebuke fear.

NO MORE FEAR. You with me?

Here's a little devo that I want to leave you with from my favorite Bible.


I hope this encourages you as much as it has encouraged me! Leave your thoughts or questions in the comments.

Hope you have a blessed and fearless week!



  • Elana D Arciprete

    Thank you for sharing this encouragement. I’ve always been considered pretty fearless. In fact, I say my only two fears are the devil and gravity; however, these past months with so much unknown and with so much uncertainty going forward have shaken me too.


    p.s. what Bible is that?

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