We have been in the business of creating high quality, affordable products with messages that we hoped would inspire conversations about things that mattered. As much as we loved all the excitement that came with building a big business, it just became too much. We grew so fast and because of that, our families suffered from the stress of trying to keep our heads above water. So we decided enough is enough. Our families must be our first ministry. We can’t continue to give our best at work every day and give our families the leftovers. So… we decided to take a step back, close our physical store and office, let our staff go and redefine what it meant to be a working mom. It was hard. The leap of faith took a lot of courage. This year took us to rock bottom as we tried to figure out what the future of S&G looked like. But we don't regret one second of the time spent with family, focusing on what matters most.

I (Megan Smalley) have one year old twin boys and they are my miracles. We spent 3.5 years praying that God would give us a baby and he blessed us with two. As we embrace this new season of life, I don’t want to miss one thing. I want to be present for every moment and not allow the stress of work to take away from family.  

Koral Dean (my right hand woman) also has two kids - a 15 month old boy named Wake and the cutest, sassiest and smartest little 3 year old girl, Maison. She is in the middle of trying to balance two kids, plus work and doesn’t want to miss this season either.

So, we are on a mission to do life and work well. What does that mean for S&G? We are determined to run a more automated business that frees us up to love on our families more and also pour into others. We want work to fit into our lives, not make our lives fit into our work. After lots of prayer and searching, we finally found a way to bring product back to the site without the stress of inventory and fulfillment. All Scarlet & Gold product is now printed on demand. That means it's not made until you order it. As much as we'd love to offer returns and exchanges for you, we just can't right now.

We are very excited about what the future holds for S&G! Getting back to the root of what we love about this place and being able to use our gifts for His glory is so exciting to us. We hope you will join us on this new, but crazy ride!